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Profit & Loss budget:
Shows the budget for the company’s ongoing operations in a summary form that provides a clear overview.

Profit & Loss report:
Your actual figures are automatically presented next to your budgeted figures so that they are convenient to compare.

Cash budget:
Provides an overview of your incomings and outgoings. Includes VAT calculations and estimates the balance in your Profit & Loss account/ Bank overdraft.

Assets & Liabilities budget:
 With budget123’s built-in budget model, your assets and liabilities always balance and you gain easy access to balance budgeting

Assets & Liabilities report:

Forecast / Estimat:
As data is entered during the year you can quickly see how your Year-end result is affected.

Management report:
A flexible report where you can select the data that is most important for your company, e.g. turnover, equity ratio, coverage etc.

Same flexibility as in the Management report plus you can add three diagrams to illustrate your analyses.

Shows your most important diagrams on one page – selected by you of course.

Chart of Accounts:
Gives you an overview of the company’s chart of accounts with both your budgeted and actual figures presented on one page.

Responsive web design
Page content adapts to the unit you are on, giving you symmetrical and presentable reports.


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Data entry

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Manual data entry
Transfer of data from previous accounts
Loan calculation
Investment module
Extra budget specification
Formula calculations  
Import from Excel (CSV)
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Language – select Danish or English
Currency – select euro or kroner
Multiple users
Role/ rights administration
Version control
Technical issues
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Your data is backed up every night to give you complete peace of mind

Any data sent from our servers to your computer is encrypted using the same technology as that used for online banking.

Always up to date
budget123 is a web-based system and whenever you log in you always have the latest version of the program. No need to worry about updates!

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