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budget123 is web-based, which means it is ideal for collaboration within the company and with trusted external partners such as your accountant.

Why work with multiple users

It is a good idea to have multiple users with different permissions to budget123 if:

  • There are several people who will provide budget input or who should be able to get reports
  • You work closely with externals, such as an accountant, bank or board

Each user can be assigned a role that defines a set of permissions.

It is completely up to you who and how many you want to assign permissions to. There is no limit to how many roles you can create. Order an additional user here

Users and Roles

Global settings menu     

You can find Users and Roles in Global Settings in the top right corner.

In Users you can see the users who have access to your license, and in Roles you can find the roles that can be assigned to each user.

The first User in budget123 is automatically assigned the role of "Super user " and has unrestricted permissions. If you want to restrict a user's permissions, you must create a new role. Users with the same role have the same permissions.

New users are automatically assigned the role at the top of your list (sorted alphabetically), so remember to check this.

You can easily move between Roles and Users. To edit a User or a Role just click on the name.

When you click [Edit], you get a number of choices. In addition to the Role, you can choose between a grey and a blue layout and whether budget123 should be in Danish or English.

Additional users

Are there people in your organisation who should be involved in working with budgeting and reporting? Or would it make sense if, for example, a director or a manager had their own login and could extract reports? If yes, then you have the opportunity to order an extra user.

Each user can be assigned permissions to view, edit and/or delete information.  

The individual user's name will appear in the top right corner, where you can also see which company and model you are logged into.

You can order an additional user below or by contacting budget123 on +45 21 85 18 65.

Order an additional user

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