Because of the calculation methods, formulas, investments and loans, budget123 is great for making simulations, forecasts and cash budgets.



Use Formulas to create the underlying calculations and contexts that you would previously have made in Excel.

You can create dependencies between financial accounts or set up calculations, e.g. to calculate the turnover as derived from the number of employed consultants, whilst the total wages automatically varies according to how many consultants you intend to employ.


In Module for Investments you can create any new investments you are thinking of making in the budget period. budget123 automatically calculates how the investment will influence Profit & Loss in the form of depreciation, the liquidity effect in the form of payments, and Assets & Liabilities in terms of accruals in assets.

You can easily enable and disable the investment to see the effects it will have on your bank account.


The Module for Loans allows you to create both new and existing loans so you can quickly calculate a repayment profile which of course has an impact on your cash flow.

When a loan has been created, you can easily enable and disable the loan or create alternatives to see their impact on your annual result and your liquidity. You can also see the effect in subsequent budgets.

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