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The manual is structured almost like the system itself. For each main topic you will find a number of subtopics.

Use the menu on the left to explore the different topics or use the search field above if you have a specific enquiry.


The Basics

Page sections – user interface

Here you will find an overview of the different topics that correspond to the individual elements in budget123. Click on the image to open a larger version.

Page sections

1. Menu
The primary way to navigate within budget123.

2. The active model
The model you are currently working in. It provides
a link to all your Models.

3. User profile and Company information
The name of the user you are logged in as and the name of the company that the user administrates.

4. Latest update of accounting data
Shows when the data was last updated.

5. Global Settings and Log out
The backbone of budget123. Any changes apply across all models and not just the active one.

6. Page Title and Functions
The page title indicates where you are in the system. The function bar provides different action buttons and/ or sorting options.


7. View Selector

If a page contains a table you can choose from different view options.

8. Page tools
The selection of tools varies from page to page. The icons will show you the possible actions on a given page.

9. Content Area
This area contains charts, tables and/or lists.

10. Status Notifications
Colour-coded notifications that provide you with information, help or warnings.


From new to advanced user

If you are a new user, we recommend that you begin with ”How to Get Started” and then work your way through the different functions. We have grouped the key functions of budget123 according to when you will typically start using them.

How to Get Started – the basics

Funktion Description
Update accounting data Get the latest data from your accounting system
Views Select views for your reports and charts
Enter budget values How to create a budget
Models Create a new budget or a new version

Moving forward – for trained users

Funktion Description
Charts Create and edit your own charts
Module for loans Debt profiles
Value adjustment Depreciation
Module for investment Investment profiles
Account specifications Detailed budgetting
Opening Balance Sheet Budgetted changes in Assets & Liabilities

Expert guide – advanced functions

Funktion Description
Formulas Simulations and calculations of financial consequences
KPIs Creating KPI calculations
Dashboards Creating flexible and dynamic dashboards
Departments Departments, center, purpose etc.

Settings – and configuring

Funktion Description
VAT & Interest Specifying VAT conditions and interest dates
System accounts Creating system rules
Chart of Accounts Selecting account groups and subtotals
Company information Specify the first month in your fiscal year
Value adjustment Depreciation

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