Models are one of the core concepts in budget123 - it covers versions, scenarios and forecasts. The model is the platform that defines which data and setup you are working with.

You can always see the name of the active model at the top of the page - here "2014" - and clicking on the name will take you to all Models.


Models & Create new model

In Models you will find all your models and forecasts, you can move between existing models, create new ones, and much more.


Forecast is more or less the same as a model, but a Forecast combines actual data with the remaining budget period. You can create new Forecasts monthly, quarterly or as needed.

Exporting to Excel

Export the budgets from budget123 and continue to work on them in Excel. This is useful if the budget is part of a bigger budget in a large company, or if you just need to change the format or add comments to individual cells.

Importing from Excel (.csv)

If you already have a budget – perhaps your accountant has made one for you, or you’ve made one in Excel before you started on budget123 – it is easy to import the data into budget123.

Deleting a model

You can’t delete the active model in budget123. In order to delete a model, you first have to activate a different one, then click on the link [Delete] and confirm that the model should be deleted.


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