Update accounting data


In the top right you can always see when budget123 was last updated with
accounting data from your accounting system.

Update accounting data

First click on the icon or text and then on the orange button [Update accounting data].

budget123 then connects with your accounting system to see if any ​​changes have been made to the Chart of Accounts or Departments since the last update. Any changes are automatically transferred to budget123.

When new data has been transferred, you will get a status notification about the number of transactions that have been extracted and how long it has taken. In the log text you can follow how far in the process you are.

Update accounting data

Problems updating data from e-conomic?

budget123 communicates with e-conomic using the free API. The module must be activated for any update to be successful.

If the module is activated, but you still cannot update, it's probably because your password to e-conomic has been changed. It may also be because you no longer have access to that set of accounts (either as a User or an Administrator).

In that case, go to Integration Settings in Global Settings and make sure that the information there is correct.

Please note!

If you are just missing a few entries from e-conomic, check that they have been finally entered in your books. budget123 does not retrieve data stored in the day book.

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