Consolidation is when you collect the accounting and budget figures from several companies in one place. It is relevant if your organisation comprises multiple business or operating units and legal entities.

Our consolidation solution is an add-on product to budget123 and it requires:

  that each of your subsidiaries has a license for budget123

that your subsidiaries have the same accounting year

  that the subsidiaries and the consolidation license use the same model period

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How to consolidate in budget123

Consolidating your business units is easy and can be done in five simple steps. Simply follow the guide below. Keep an eye on the actions and note if they occur in a subsidiary (S) or the consolidated license (C).

S Models

Make at least one model in at least one subsidiary ready for consolidation
C Models
Create a new model for consolidation
C Synchronise

[Update company info], select model for consolidation and [Get data]
C Global settings

Go to Chart of accounts and [Get account groups] from a subsidiary
Create new accounts
C Global settings

Go to Account links and [Auto link] or drag and drop accounts/ account groups from one or more subsidiaries to the consolidation chart of accounts
C Settings If the subsidiary is using a different currency, you can enter the relevant exchange rates in Settings in the menu on the left

S = Subsidiary; C = Consolidation license

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