Reports in budget123

In Reports, you can find all the reports that budget123 has automatically generated based on the Chart of Accounts from your accounting system. In each report, you can select period, data type and department.

The reports cover Profit & Loss, the VAT budget, the Cash budget, Assets & Liabilities and the General Ledger respectively.

You cannot enter values in the reports – the only exception is the Profit & Loss report where you can [Update budget data] (e.g. to use the actual accounting data from the previous year as a budget draft.

In Views you can quickly change the period and the types of data in the report. Go to each report, and use the options directly above the table to select what you want to include.



Edit Views

If the View does not include the columns you want, simply go to Views and edit the Standard Views or create your own (My Views).

Please note!

The Cash budget and the VAT report are solely for budget purposes. To see cash flow and VAT actuals, you need to go to Assets & Liabilities (inventory) and Opening Balance Sheet (movement). Alternatively, you can create a dashboard for a Cash Flow report.

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