Profit & Loss


The Profit & Loss report shows the result of daily operations. The contents of the report (lines and sums) depend partly on the account groups and the sum accounts you have in your accounting system, and partly on your settings in the Chart of Accounts under Global Settings.

Profit and Loss

Specifications in the Profit & Loss report

If you are working with the budget, then you can enter each line in the Profit & Loss report by clicking on the line's name. This takes you to the specification or account group containing this budget data ​​(you can find the same table in the left menu in Specifications). From here you can return to the Profit & Loss report by clicking on the Specification name.

Remember that all values are exclusive of VAT.

Sum lines in the Profit & Loss report

Your Chart of Accounts generally defines the lines and the totals shown in Profit & Loss, but in the Chart of Accounts in Global Settings, you can choose what level of detail you want in your report. If an Account Group is marked as "Specification", this corresponds to a line in the Profit & Loss report. If the group’s sum account is marked as "Sum line in Profit & Loss report", a line with the sum of the lines above will be shown.

Independent accounts

If the report gives you a warning about ”independent” accounts, you need to clean up your Chart of Accounts. Read more about ”independent” accounts.


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