Independent accounts


If there are any independent accounts in your Chart of Accounts, i.e. accounts that are outside the account groups marked as a specification, you will get a warning in the Profit & Loss report if there are any values on these accounts.

Independent accounts

The accounting data and budget data in an independent account is included in the calculations and subtotals in the reports, but you can not view the account and therefore you cannot edit the budget data.

It is therefore important to do one of the following:

  • select a ”larger” account group as a specification for the independent account to be a part of
  • move the account in your accounting system
  • create a new account group (header and SumAccount) in your accounting system

In your Chart of Accounts you can get a sense of the groups and groups-in-groups which the structure is based on.

Example of independent accounts

In the example below, group 7297 is not marked as a Specification in the Profit & Loss report. Therefore, 7100, 7102, 7103 and 7104 are independent accounts. If 7297 is turned into a Specification, it will neatly ”hold” the four independents accounts.

If you did not get to read the warning, just click on the Profit & Loss report in the menu to see it again.

Independent accounts on chart of accounts

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