Units and currencies


The following currencies are available: euro, kroner, pound and dollars.
For each currency you must enter the exchange rate you want to use when the currency changes for all budget and accounting data.

How to select unit and decimals

In the drop-down list on your right, you can select which unit you want to use in budget123, e.g. if the numbers should be written in the thousands.

How to hide the units you’re not using

In the far right column you can hide the units you don’t need.

Any units you select here will not appear in the drop-down list if, for example, you need to select a unit for a dashboard line or a variable for a formula.

Units and currencies

If you need a different currency than the ones we offer, please contact us by email (budget123@budget123.dk) or call us on  +45 21 85 18 65

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