Global settings


The global settings are the backbone of budget123 as they apply across all models.




The settings affect the calculations made by the program as well as the account groups and subtotals you want to view and use. In other words, who has permission to see what.

Global settings  

Chart of Accounts
The Chart of Accounts is extensive. It basically covers the system setup that controls the structure for budget123. For example, this is where you specify whether account groups should be Specifications and where you set the account properties in relation to Value adjustments, Investments and Debt.

System Accounts
The System Accounts are the 7 settings that were selected during the configuration of budget123. You can change these anytime. For example, you can add more cash accounts, if you get an extra bank account.

Integrations Settings
The Integration Settings contain information about how budget123 communicates with your accounting system.

Users and Roles
In Users and Roles you can handle all the users and their permissions in budget123.

Units and Currency
In Units and Currency you can specify the number of decimals you want to write for the different units and you can enter the exchange rate for the currencies you are using.

Page Settings
Here you can select the print orientation when you export to Excel or .pdf.



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