Import from Excel (.csv)

If you are a new user of budget123, perhaps you or your accountant have already prepared a budget in Excel. If so, you can use the import function to transfer this to budget123. You can also import data for parts of the budget, e.g. from complex calculations in Excel.

How to import from Excel

Start by making sure that the Excel file contains information such as account number, department code (if you are using Departments, Centers, Purposes etc.), months, and of course the values that are being  transferred. When you have done this, you need to save the file as a .csv file (using semi colon separation).

In Models, click on the button [Import] next to the active model. Then upload your .csv file, and all the data from the file will then be shown at the bottom of the page. For each column you can specify what data it contains, e.g. account no., data for January 2014, or department codes. Finally, click on the button [Import data to budget123]. The import template that you have just defined is automatically saved.


Please note!

We recommend that you import to an empty model the first time, so you can get an overview of where the values end up in budget123. The import function will overwrite any budget data in these accounts.

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