Account Specifications - Profit & Loss

Account specifications are note fields for further details of the figures in an account.

How to Create Account Specifications

You can create an account specification by clicking first on the account name and then on [Create account specification] in a specification. This way, you can specify that the data (e.g. in 6110 Sales - domestic) is coming from small and big customers respectively. You can create as many lines in the account specification as you need and enter your own text in each line.

Then you enter the amount for each line, and budget123 makes the calculation for the relevant account. Each account specification can also have its own credit period.

You can enter data directly into the highlighted columns.

Account specification

Next, you enter the value for each row, and budget123 will add it to the relevant account. Each account specification can also have its own credit period.

Using Formulas in the Account Specification

You can also define calculations in the account specification using Formulas. E.g. you can specify that a single account depends on another or even multiple accounts by a certain percentage. In this way, the simulation possibilities become very flexible and much faster to work with.


The symbols bloew indicate which accounts contain further details.


Accounts marked with this icon are affected by calculations from elsewhere in the system, or include extra lines that you have created. This can be value adjustments, module calculations, formulas or system accounts. By clicking on the name, you enter the account specification so you can see what applies to the account.

If you are working with dimensions, you can easily see any budgeted dimension values, as the line is marked with this icon and you cannot type directly into the line. Click on the icon or name to view and change the dimension values.

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