The Estimate View

Once you have made your budget and time passes, ie. your bookkeeping is updated and you have  months with actuals, it can be very interesting to know how the year ends if you follow the budget for the rest of the year. This is when the Estimate View becomes really useful.

Estimate gives you an overview of the actuals of the period + the budget for the rest of the period. The View is straightforward to apply in the Profit & Loss report and for all your specifications, but if you want to use it in relation to Liquidity and Assets & Liabilities there's a few things you need to consider.

It concerns the settlement of 'primary' debtors and creditors, and the settlement of 'primary' VAT. If you have chosen an automatic settlement of all three, the Estimate view will also impact on Liquidity, VAT and Assets & Liabilities. If you choose to settle one of these three manually, you need to create a Forecast to get the same overview.

The reason for this is that the view applies the assumptions you have made for the automatic settlement, and therefore the different influences are calculated automatically. If you choose to do it manually, you will get an incorrect overview of e.g. the bank balance until you have manually settled the debtors for example.

So keep in mind that this is a slightly superficial view (albeit a fancy one with the automatic features), and that the Forecast is a more thorough reassessment of your budget figures.

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